Over the years, Lobo Trucking has expanded its fleet to over 80 trucks (vacuum, kill or pump and winch), approximately 400 oilfield tanks and roughly 40 miles of water transfer equipment (lay flat hose and aluminum pipe), all while expanding the company’s geographic footprint to provide its full suite of equipment and services throughout the Permian Basin.

Lobo Trucking operates a fleet of late-model, well maintained Mack trucks and offers both mobile (square) and skid-mounted (round) frac, acid and blow-down tanks. Lobo Trucking’s high-volume water transfer services division offers both traditional aluminum pipe as well as the latest 10” lay flat hose for performing water transfer jobs.

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    Vacuum Trucks

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    Frac Tanks / Acid Tanks / Steel Pits

  • Water Transfer Equipment

    Water Transfer Equipment

  • Water Transfer Pump

    Water Transfer Pumps

  • Lay Flat hose Trailer

    Lay Flat Hose Trailers

  • Manifold Trailor

    Manifold Trailers

  • Lobo Kill Truck 2013(2)

    Kill or Pump Trucks